Monterey females sell to $7400

April 19, 2017

Female cattle prices reached a top-price of $7400 at the Monterey Ladies’ Day Female Sale last week at Karridale.

Monterey principals Gary and Julie Buller decided to reduce the size of their female stud herd after a lease expiry of a neighbouring 243ha property.

The sale topper, Monterey Miss Kuri H182, a five-year-old Murray Grey cow with heifer calf at foot, was sold to repeat buyers Dean Rasmussen and Marilyn Hansen, of Shell-Dee Murray Grey stud, Kingaroy, Queensland.

Mr Rasmussen said the cow had excellent correctness while Ms Hansen said she planned on showing the calf, Miss Kuri M250.

The cow was sired by Monterey Escalator E204 and out of Monterey Miss Kuri F65 and recorded Estimated Breeding Values of +30, +52 and +70 for 200, 400 and 600-day weights, top 5 to 10 per cent for the breed.

Mr Buller said Miss Kuri was sired by Monterey Hamersley H204 (top of its drop) and its dam, Miss Kuri H182, was pregnancy-tested-in-calf to Monterey Fleetwood F309. Shell-Dee also paid $3800 for Monterey Lolita F139 with a heifer calf at foot.

Later in the catalogue during the offering of 34 Murray Grey cows (some PTIC) David Corker, of Bullco Genetics, Boyup Brook, paid $6800 for Monterey Miss Opal, a six-year-old Murray Grey cow with a five-day-old bull calf at foot.

The cow was sired by Monterey Whirlwind and out of Monterey Miss Opal C277, while the calf was sired by Monterey Hudson H296.

Mr Corker said he would add the cow into his Wundam Park Murray Grey stud herd and had high hopes for the bull calf.

He also paid $3400 for another cow/calf unit.

The Wise family, of Southend Murray Grey stud paid $4600 for Monterey Melissa F268, a seven-year-old PTIC Murray Grey cow with a heifer calf at foot.

Southend also secured two PTIC Murray Grey cows for $6000 and $3400 and three PTIC Murray Grey matrons (11-year-old cows) for an average price of $3067.

Also very active at the sale on Murray Greys, Phil Tomlinson, of Albany, secured three PTIC cow/calf units to a top-price of $4200 and average price of $3867, five PTIC cows to a top-price of $5200 twice and average price of $4680.

Landmark agent Michael Lynch, who assisted, said Mr Tomlinson was in the process of registering a Murray Grey stud. In the Angus catalogue, Julie and Terry Earle, of Roesner Nominees, Harvey, secured the $6200 top-priced cow, Monterey Stella, a seven-year-old with a bull calf-at-foot.

The cow was sired by Lawsons Gar Direction X3 A423 and out of Monterey Stella A66.

Mr Buller said the cow has plenty of length, frame, width and volume and the bull calf was sired by Koojan Hills Unlimited F237.

The Earles, who were assisted by Rob Italiano, bought another Angus cow/calf unit for $4000 and also secured 9 PTIC commercial cows for an average price of $3967.

Account NHA & RL Stoney, of Redmond, paid $5600 for an Angus cow/calf unit.