Murray Grey Cattle Australia for sale and wanted

Please contact the Society if you wish to list your cattle.

Wanted: Murray Grey Hides

A Sydney furniture designer is seeking a supplier of Murray Grey hides. If you are interested please contact Ingrid Morgan on 0403 840 525.

For Sale: Waroona Blitzem F21


Wanted: Licensed Greyman Semen

Quantities and Prices to be negotiated.
Please contact Jillian Little E:

Wanted: Semen from older sires

Wanted to buy: Semen from sires born between 1965 and 1990. Semen must be certified for export to the USA.
Please contact Kate Tombs on (02) 6773 3546 or email if you have semen available that may fit this criteria.

 Surplus to Needs Semen and Embryos for Sale from Ayr Park Murray Greys

Embryos for sale

  • 3 of  Waverley Amethyst  WAV N254  X Cranbrook Virtue CTG V15
  • 2 of  Waverley Amethyst  WAV N254  X MontereyShiloh GJB Q92
  • 5 of  Woodbourn Cupid  4W S24  X  MontereyShiloh GJB Q92
  • 4 of  Jyndarra Rose-Marie  T22  X Myanga Pathfinder LAM W210

Semen for Sale

  • OrcadiaPark Zodaic  GW 183 X6
  • Lindsay West LSY W13 X16
  • MontereySaratoga GJB B13 X9
  • Ultimate Hot Chocalate TTD X3 X10
  • Robern Taurus RET T14 X6
  • OrcadiaPark Rembrandt GW 392 X10
  • Monterey Momentum GJB P42 X10
  • Monterey Majestic Lad GJB P5 X1
  • Willalooka York AM Y96 X2
  • Myanga Pathfinder LAM W210 X20

Also Ayr Park Fonzie F75 and Tullibardine Delectable D88 semen for sale.

Prices negotiable. Ian: 0402 008 191 / AH: 02 63 450 261

The Murray Grey Society also have a full list of Breedplan contacts if you require them.