Board election results and executive positions


As per Rule 30.(2) of the Constitution the results of the 2010 Director Elections were announced at the Annual General Meeting on the 6th of April 2011.

The MGBCS therefore declares the following to be the duly elected Directors on the MGBCS Board:

– Tasmania: Gail Menegon
– Victoria: Howard Woodall
– Western Australia: Richard Metcalfe

The above Directors will hold office until the Annual General Meeting of 2014.

Following a meeting of the Board of Directors, the MGBCS is pleased to announce that the Board of the MGBCS for 2011 will be made up of the following:

– President: Robert Walker, NSW
– Vice President: Richard Metcalfe, WA
– Treasurer: Darren Koopman, SA
– Gail Menegon, TAS
– Tim Perkins, QLD
– Howard Woodall, VIC