Fine display by Murray Grey steers and heifers


Part of the Murray Grey Feature Show celebrations during the Royal Canberra Show saw Murray Grey Steers and heifers on display in a Murray Grey only section prior to the judging of the Royal National Captital Hoof and Hook Competition.

Overseen by judge Dennis Strachan the Murray Grey steers on heifers that lined up in the three classes were an absolute credit to the breed with a magnificent line up of animals paraded before the judge.

After overseeing three separate classes, Lightweight, Middleweight and Heavyweight, Mr Strachan arrived at his Champion Murray Grey Steer or Heifer. The steer bred by Watermill Pastoral Co and by Watermill Cannonball C30, exhibited by Hayden King was chosen by Mr Strachan because he ‘couldn’t fault him on his fat cover and muscle pattern’. This steer had a live weight of 421kg and rib and rump fats of 5mm even.

1st: The Nace Ricardo, SE Johnson & MA Hunter
2nd: Sixpence Park, MR, SR & AM Martin
3rd: Braeside Park, GD & N Oag

1st: Hayden King
2nd: Watermill Pastoral Co.
3rd: Wattlewood Escort E13, FE & JC Glover

1st: Onward Murray Greys, Sue Francis
2nd: Muffler, Yanco Agricultural High School
3rd: Ben, Yanco Agricultural High School