Murray Grey on the menu again at Hampton


Visitors to this year’s Hampton High Country Food and Arts Festival were able to enjoy tasty Murray Grey beef burgers and pies at the Murray Greys – Queensland stall. This is the third consecutive year that the premium burgers and pies have been available at Hampton. Many customers were so pleased with their experience in the past two years, that they could not resist lining up again in 2011.

The beef was bred, finished, prepared and served by Murray Grey breeders from a large part of southern Queensland with a number of steers being lot-fed for the occasion. Many patrons were high in their praise for the succulent beef, with some even going so far as to proclaim it ‘the best I have ever tasted’!

As well as preparing and serving the pies and burgers, Murray Grey breeders explained aspects of the beef production process to visitors. Most were very interested to find out just why the Murray Grey beef was so good, and were impressed to learn that the inherent beef-producing qualities of the cattle, and their naturally placid temperament were major factors.

Celebrity chef Alistair McLeod visited the stall to sample the fare, and also made use of portions of the Murray Grey beef for his cooking demonstrations during the festival. He commented to the crowds on the ideal suitability of the Murray Grey beef for the dishes he prepared, and the excellent texture, degree of marbling, colour, juiciness and taste of the beef.

Visitors to the High Country Festival in 2012 will again be able to seek out the Murray Grey stall for an enjoyable eating experience – healthy Queensland-bred Murray Grey beef burgers and pies.