Tullibardine cruises to victory


There was no red bull but like Sebastian Vettel, Alastair and Jenny Murray’s Tullibardine Formula One F54 is a champion.

The soft-coated silver son of Tullibardine Civil claimed pole position and took the chequered flag to win Junior and Grand Champion Murray Grey bull and Supreme Murray Grey Exhibit in a breed showing of 31 head.

In the eyes of Judge Lisa Glasson and some of her fellow Eastern States Judges watching on it was as good a quality display of Murray Grey cattle as would be found at any Australian royal show.

Ms Glasson was full of praise for her breed supreme describing him as a cracker of a bull with capacity, smoothness, strength of spine, depth of body, mobility and agility that she would love to fit in her suitcase and take home.

The 18 month old bull weighed 748kg with 110cmsq EMA and 11mm P8 fat.

Tullibardine also showed the Reserve Senior Champion Female, Tullibardine Beverley A5, a March 2005 drop daughter of Monterey Gotcha.

This capped off a great show for the stud adding to its earlier success in winning Champion Lightweight and Reserve Grand Champion trade animal on the hoof with a purebred Murray Grey heifer.

Joan and Donald Monley, Jomal Glen Stud topped the podium in the female side of the catalogue.

Their July 2008 drop cow, Jomal Glen Maxine D12, shown with a classy four month old heifer calf at foot had all the elegance and style of a racing drivers’ partner.

She was sashed Senior and Grand Champion Female and gave Formula One F54 a run for his money in the breed Supreme Judging.

Ms Glasson described Maxine D12, as a great example of the breed with terrific prescience, functionality and a free mover doing a great job on her calf.

It was a case of one better for the first calver, which was sashed Reserve Junior Champion at her previous Perth outing in 2009.

Monterey Murray Grey Stud dominated junior heifer classes winning two of three available, enough to give them the most successful exhibitor title with just three animals shown.

This included taking first and second in the biggest Murray Grey class of the day, 11 head in the April to June, 2010 drop heifer category.

The winner Monterey Showgirl F83, went on to be judged Junior Champion Female with the stud’s other class winner Monterey Miss Annabelle F300 standing in the Reserve.

Showgirl was sired by arguably the breed’s current top ranked sire Monterey Stratosphere and her dam Monterey Showgirl A130 is a former Royal Perth Show Junior Interbreed Champion.

Proof that the top sires can breed carcase quality into their male progeny and femininity into their daughters, Miss Annabelle F300’s sire Monterey Saratoga also sired the Monterey steer judged Grand Champion carcase at this year’s IGA Perth Royal Show.

The Karakara Stud showed the Senior Champion Bull, Karakara Balfour B202, a fiver year old monster weighing 1180kg with a 137cmsq EMA and P8 fat of 19mm.

‘You have to admire a bull for his power and tonne of muscle, yet he is still so mobile with it,’ Ms Glasson said.

A son of a Sydney Royal Show Champion Yamba Werewolf, Balfour B202 is already spreading his genetic qualities via semen sales throughout Australia.

Rounding out a high calibre Murray Grey Showing, the reserve Junior Champion Bull was Willawa Greys Flint, shown by the Willawa Greys Stud. At just 13 months of age, Ms Glasson said the 508kg Flint was an amazingly thick, well grown calf that had the potential to grow into a top sire.

Class 0094 – Female born 1/07/10 – 31/12/10
1st: Monterey Miss Annabelle F300, GR & J Buller
2nd: Willawa Greys Flake. T & V Giles
3rd: Byford Park Fiji, J & C Renard

Class 0095 – Female born 04/04/10 – 30/06/10
1st: Monterey Showgirl F83, GR & J Buller
2nd: Monterey Boquet F292, GR & J Buller
3rd: Jomal Glen Uma F10, JE & DG Monley

Class 0096 – Female born 01/12/10 – 31/03/10
1st: Southen F-Perfection, Wililoo Farming Trust

Monterey Showgirl F83, GR & J Buller

Monterey Miss Annabelle F300, GR & J Buller

Class 0098 – Female born on or before 31/12/08
1st: Jomal Glen Maxine D12
2nd: Tullibardine Beverley A5
3rd: Southend B-Showgirl, Wililoo

Jomal Glen Maxine D12

Tullibardine Beverley A5

Jomal Glen Maxine D12

Class 0099 – Bull born 01/07/10 – 30/06/10
1st: Willawa Greys Flint, T & V Giles

Class 100 – Bull born 01/04/10 – 31/03/10
1st: Willawa Greys Fraser, T & V Giles
2nd: Tullibardine Freedom Fighter, A Murray

Class 0101 – Bull born 01/01/10 – 31/03/10
1st: Tullibardine Formula One F54, A Murray
2nd: Southend Falcon, Wililoo Farming Trust
3rd: Tullibardine Firecracker F42, A Murray

Tullibardine Formula One F54, A Murray

Willawa Greys Flint, T & V Giles

Class 0103 – Bull born on or before 31/12/08
1st: Karakara Balfour B202, Karakara Murray Grey Stud

Karakara Balfour B202, Karakara Murray Grey Stud

Tullibardine Formula One F54, A Murray

Tullibardine Formula One F54, A Murray

GR & J Buller