Wallawong Optimum Steer/Ideal Carcase Open Day success


Wallawong Murray Greys hosted a successful Optimum Steer/ideal Carcase Open Day welcoming around 40 people from as far as Blayney, Gravesend, Muswellbrook, Gloucester and throughout the North West to ‘Marriot Park’ at Curlewis. The producers travelled to learn more about breeding and assessing steers for carcase traits and utilized 16 Murray Grey steers being prepared for Sydney Royal Easter Show to hone their skills.

“The open day was well attended and provided an excellent platform for discussion about producing, identifying and feeding steers.” Said Lachlan James

Lachlan James began by discussing the components of a steer, muscle, bone and fat and where to assess each on the steers prepared for Sydney. Participants could visually assess the steers and then Roger Evans of Bovine Scanning Services used the ultrasound scanner to measure rib and rump fat depths, eye muscle areas and marbling percentages. Using a simulated carcase judging model, the steers were allocated points to predict how they might perform in the upcoming Sydney Royal carcase competition.

“It was exciting to watch each steer go through, and talk about what we thought about the muscling and fatness, but then to actually get some live measurements made it all a lot clearer. Certainly a good learning experience and some great steers there too.” Declan Haines, Blayney

Wallawong Murray Greys set up the program to feed clients steers targeting the prominent carcase competition to engage clients and demonstrate the carcase quality of Murray Greys to all.

“Our Sydney Royal Steer Program has been thoroughly embraced by clients and they are interested and keen to see the feedback on their cattle.” Lachlan James

“Not only did the day allow for discussion between attendees, it allowed potential clients to see the benefits of selecting genetics with sound Breedplan data that includes carcase measurements.”

“What I enjoyed was that it linked it all together in an interactive format where people could get hands on with the prime steers, there’s not too many opportunites for that. Everyone had a go at predicting the highest scoring carcase at Sydney Royal so only time will tell.” Kate James.