New Murray Grey Technical Officer


As part of a reorganization of staff responsibilities within the Southern Beef Technology Services (SBTS) team, Gemma Wilkinson has been appointed as the SBTS Technical Officer allocated to provide technical support to the Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society and its members. Gemma replaces Andrew Byrne who has maintained this role for the past 6 years.

Gemma has been a member of the SBTS team since January this year and currently undertakes technical support for a range of other breed societies including South Devon, Gelbvieh and Blonde d’Aquitaine. Gemma also undertakes many other important initiatives in the SBTS team including one-on-one consultations with key seedstock herds and field day facilitations

By way of background, Gemma grew up on her family’s mixed farming property near Young, southern NSW. In 2010, she completed her Bachelor of Livestock Science, with 1st class Honours, at the University of New England, Armidale. Before joining the SBTS team, Gemma spent seven months in Denmark working on a beef feedlot. Her industry experience also includes time spent jillarooing on a cattle station in Queensland.

Any member requiring assistance regarding the application of genetic technologies within their seedstock enterprise (eg. BREEDPLAN EBVs, Selection Indexes, DNA based technologies) is encouraged to contact Gemma for advice.