North-Eastern Agricultural and Pastoral Society 110th Scottsdale Show Murray Grey Feature Breed

November 29, 2013Scotsdale 2Scotsdale 1


24 animals exhibited by 6 studs from North Western and Northern Tasmania; Glen Field, Nata-lea, Exeter High School, Wiltshire, Parknook and Big Park.


Judge: Jake Phillips, South Australia.

Sponsors: Woolworths, Woodbourn Murray Greys and CLC Show Supply and Fitting Service.


Champion Bull; Parknook Aurora

Reserve Champion Bull; Wiltshire Henderson

Champion Female; Wiltshire Zoe H1

Senior Champion Female; Parknook Meg D503

Junior Champion Female; Wiltshire Zoe H1

Reserve Champion Female; Parknook Meg


Photo 1: Junior Champion and Champion Female, Wiltshire Zoe led by Tammy Murfett

Photo 2: Senior Champion and Reserve Champion Female, Parknook Meg with handlers Mitch and Olivia Tucker