2015 Orange Annual Show Beef Cattle Section

October 15, 2014
Good Afternoon. I am contacting you all to extend an invitation to all your breeders to attend our 2015 Show to be held on the week end 2nd & 3rd May. Over the past few years I have been trying extremely hard to improve this Section of our Show with some success.  We now have many more exhibitors, but it can only continue to improve with the support of the Cattle Industry. Sponsorship has increased dramatically from past years, some prizes are monetary others are gift vouchers all suitable items such as premium cattle feed , drenches etc.
We hold all our Junior Judging and Junior Parading Competitions on the Sunday and there are also worthwhile prizes in this section, including a junior herdsperson award judged independently over the two days, and the prize is either quality lucerne hay  or cash. Everyone in attendance on the Sunday is provided with a free BBQ lunch.
I would love to have a feature breed at our Show if anyone is interested?
I realise we are after the Sydney Royal Easter Show, and a lot of people have had enough of Shows, but if everyone could give it some consideration it will improve our Show and give more publicity to the vast numbers of different breed of cattle that are now being bred in Australia.
It would be appreciated if you could pass this invitation on to your members, and include it in any publications or newsletters.
Should anyone have any questions please feel free to pass my email address onto them
Thanking you for your assistance
Kind Regards
Marg Kennedy
Secretary Orange Show Society