Murray Greys at Manjimup Sale

January 19, 2015

Two Murray Grey steers of 460kg, being dispersed from the Beeck family herd, started the Westcoast offering and WMP bought these for $823 at 179c/kg.

The top of $921 was paid for a single almost prime grey steer from P & MJ Scherini, Bridgetown, when Greg Jones bid to 188c/kg.  Cameron Harris, Elders Manjimup, bid to 229c/kg for the first 11 of the Beeck dispersal calves weighing 239kg.  Greg Jones bought the tops at 240c/kg for $475, with these weighing 198kg.  The ME & VL Beeck grey heifers sold from 180-220c/kg, with the majority bought by Greg Jones.  The Murray Grey cows from the Beeck dispersal were mixed ages and in light condition, with all 10 pens going to Greg Jones.  Sold by liveweight, these made from 105-143c/kg and up to $711.  Two of the Beeck cows had calved early, and were bought by Greg Jones and Cameron Harris for $880 and $740 respectively.

Mr Beeck said he was satisfied with the sale result, especially the young cattle.

Report compliments of Farm Weekly.