$2380 record claimed for cows and calves

July 20, 2016

Extract courtesy The Weekly Times

THERE were almost more people than cattle at the Colac store sale.

But the lack of numbers did not hinder prices, with agents believing a record could have been set for cows and calves at $2380.

About half of the 477 yarding was sold to local buyers and about half the 229 steers sold were crossbred.

Vendor Jewelvale sold 20 nine- to-10-month-old Murray Grey steers for $1050, estimated to equate to 400c/kg.

These were bought by Darryl Delaney and his nephew Mitch Sheedy, from Geelong, who run cattle at Camperdown.

“We plan to grow them out, but not keep them for bullocks (and) turn them over at 450-500kg if possible,” Mr Delaney said.

The bottom of the heifer market was $580, for lighter Murray Greys with Angus heifers, 10-12 months, selling from $640 to $900.

Meanwhile the highest-priced pen of cows and calves was $2380, for seven Murray Grey cows with Belgian Blue calves, about five-month-old, which sold to Elders Warracknabeal and were offered by P Kerr.

Colac Stock Agents Association president Matt Nelson said the yarding sold “very well considering the quality”.

“The cows and calves were the dearest I’ve seen in my time at Colac,” he said.