China demands Murray Grey breeding heifers

June 21, 2016

Murray Greys have continued their strong history of live export with a recent shipment of registered heifers to China.

The maiden heifers, aged 11-12 months, were selected by live exporter, Austrex, from the Kentsie Park stud, operated by Melinda Kent and Chris Siekman at Labertouche, Victoria.

Ms Kent said the heifers were selected for breeding purposes on structural soundness and type, and met all the health protocols for export cattle.

They were required to weigh between 220-350kg liveweight. The heifers each sold for $1300 + GST and were booked through Nathan Gibbon Livestock, Pakenham.

Ms Kent said Austrex were unable to fill an order for 20 commercial Murray Grey heifers.

“The heifers were naturally sired by Monterey Furlong F318 and out of a selection of our registered cows,’’ she said.

“The exporters indicated they would be looking for more Murray Greys in the future so we will see what happens.

“It is a good thing for the breed – the Greys will do well in China as they are tolerant of the heat extremes, have dark skin pigment making pest control management easy, a quiet temperament and the carcass quality for crossbreeding or finishing within the market requirements.’’

Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society president Rob Walker, Woodenbong, NSW, said the breed had a strong history of live exports across the past 40 years.

Mr Walker said breeding cattle had been exported to Argentina, Uruguay, China, New Zealand and England.

He said feeder steers had been supplied in recent years to Russia and Kazakhstan.


Melinda Kent has exported Murray Grey heifers to China for breeding purposes.