SBTS TechTalk – Scan Data for Heifers is Valuable

August 15, 2016

Click to download – July 2016 TechTalk


BREEDPLAN currently produces a number of EBVs for carcase traits; these include Eye Muscle Area (EMA), Rib Fat Depth, Rump Fat Depth and Intramuscular Fat (IMF). The BREEDPLAN Carcase EBVs are calculated from two main sources of information – from live animal ultrasound scanning records measured by BREEDPLAN accredited ultrasound scanners and from abattoir carcase data. Of these two sources, seedstock producers are most likely to collect live animal ultrasound scanning information.

This article will outline the number of bulls and heifers which are being ultrasound scanned in seedstock herds across Australia, and the differences that are observed between the sexes. In addition, this article will discuss the benefits of collecting ultrasound scanning data on heifers for inclusion in BREEDPLAN.