Delving into genetic spreads

July 19, 2017


Annika Whale

Annika Whale began Double A Cattle Company two years ago, at just 21 years old, after spending many years on the show circuit with Murray Greys throughout her childhood.

Based at Glen William, in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Miss Whale said she was studying to become an agriculture teacher to pass on her passion to the next generation.

“I love the feeling of satisfaction when crossing different genetics results in the desired outcome,” she said.

“I also love breeding something commercially relevant that hits the market specifications the industry wants.”

Miss Whale said yield-based payments should be a priority to improve the beef industry overall, where producers are paid for quality regardless of breed and where beef is marketed as beef.

While genomics are not currently available to the Murray Grey breed, Miss Whale said she was interested in learning how existing technology could be adapted to the breed.

She said the Young Breed Leaders forum provided the perfect networking opportunity.

Sam Reynolds

Sam Reynolds took the leap of faith at 18 years old and started her Murray Grey stud Essar Livestock, in Young, NSW.

I’ve been trying to use a spread of genetics within my herd as I want to be breeding an item my potential clients want. – Sam Reynolds

Miss Reynolds’ love of the beef industry grew from her high school agriculture class and she purchased a small block at her first opportunity, slowly but surely buying Murray Grey cows to stock it.

She said her ultimate goal was to build a name people looked out for through investing in quality genetics.

She considers new technologies a useful way forward.

“I’ve been trying to use a spread of genetics within my herd as I want to be breeding an item my potential clients want,” she said.

“I’m extremely passionate about Murray Greys.

“I find them to be the perfect all-purpose breed and I believe they offer great value to the beef industry.”

As the 2017 Woodburn Murray Grey youth ambassador, Miss Reynolds will travel to the United States visiting Murray Grey studs.

She said the opportunities available within modern genetic technology made accessing international genetics a viable possibility.