MiP to SNP Transition & changes to mandatory CA testing

December 7, 2017

There are two changes that will take place from 1st January 2018.

The Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society will be upgrading from microsatellite (MiP) to SNP sire verification.

This industry lead initiative will utilize better technology involving genomics with the move towards single step enhanced Breedplan runs.

This change also is partly due to age of the machinery involved in MiP testing and the possibility of this machinery not being able to be replaced.

1. All new sires will continue to require sire verification (as they have since 2012). Murray Grey members should not notice any change to the sire verification process as part of this upgrade.
The cost for GGP-LD SNP array (50K) will be $ 44.00.

There will be no changes to the hair sample collection process. A new form to accompany hair samples can be found here – GeneSeek_Murray Grey Society Test Request Form

Please note that you will need to submit an electronic form as well at: gaa-lab@neogen.com

Please contact the office for new hair sample cards. These cards will be sent in bundles of 10 and charged at $22.00 for the bundle.

2. The Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society will no longer require compulsory CA testing for new sires.

  • Progeny of known CA carriers will continue to be tested.
  • As part of the quality control monitoring system of MGBCS, parent verification and a CA test will be conducted on every 1000th calf registered.

Should you have any questions on this, please contact the Murray Grey office on (02) 6773 2022 or via email mgeo@abri.une.edu.au.

Kind regards,
Trish Shortis
Executive Officer
5th December, 2017