Wallawong Murray Greys hit $10,000

July 19, 2017

By Ruth Schwager
Courtesy The Land

BULLS reached a high of $10,000 and females topped at $3250 twice at the 20th annual Wallawong carcase quality sale at “Marriot Park”, Gunnedah on July 13.

Nineteen of the 23 Murray Grey bulls offered by the James family sold for an average of $5421 and nine females averaged $2361.

Repeat Wallawong client David Schouten, “Dunrobyn”, Gravesend, bought the top bull, paying $10,000 for Wallawong Zeppelin, a 24-month-old son of Wallawong Quarterback and Bundaleer Impost E4. The bull weighed 855 kilograms, had an eye muscle area (EMA) of 130 square centimetres, intramuscular fat of seven per cent and rump and rib fat of 16 millimetres and 12mm. He had a scrotal size of 37cm and had estimated breeding values (EBVs) of +35, +54, and +77 for 200-, 400- and 600-day weight.

Mr Schouten will use the bull in his commercial herd, which focuses on the supermarket trade.

​“I was looking for the carcase qualities and to have his EMA, fats and marbling combined is very rare.”

Mr Schouten also purchased one of two $8000 bulls, Wallawong Zoom, by Lindsay Fusion from Bundaleer Lolita A16. The 23-month-old bull weighed 800kg, had a scrotal circumference of 42cm and an EMA of 124cm2, measured 9mm and 6mm on the rump and rib, and had intramuscular fat of 6.8pc. He had EBVs of +29, +48 and +69 for 200-, 400- and 600-day weight.

The other $8000 bull, Wallawong Zap, went to repeat client Karmoo Pastoral Company, Clermont, Queensland, with the bull to be used in a crossbreeding operation over Brahman breeders.  He was a 23-month-old son of Wallawong Quarterback and Bundaleer H48 and weighed 780kg with a scrotal size of 39cm and rump and rib fat of 7mm and 5mm. Zap had an EMA of 128cm2, 4.2pc intramuscular fat and EBVs of +24, +34 and +52 for 200-, 400- and 600-day weight.

In the females, Wallawong Dawn M9 and Wallawong Lolita M34 each made $3250, selling to Guy Burnett, Wagga Wagga, and Russell Kidd, Mareeba, Qld, respectively.

Among the volume buyers were Neil Mansfield, Gulgong; Damon Horsburgh, Tottenham; and the Haley family, Mebul, who each purchased three bulls, and Mr Kidd, who took home three females.

Stud principal Lachlan James said buyers were looking for bulls with good muscling and fat coverage to meet Meat Standards Australia requirements.

“A lot of our clients are focusing on producing heavy supermarket cattle that are efficient, finish off grass, and have high yields,” Mr James said.

The sale was settled by Fleming and Ross, Gunnedah, with auctioneer Paul Dooley, Tamworth, taking the bids.

Buyer David Schouten, “Dunrobyn”, Gravesend, and stud principal Lachlan James with Wallawong Zeppelin. who sold for $10,000.