Update to DNA Testing Procedure

July 9, 2018

A new Genetic Testing system has been created and is now in effect. The new system will allow the office to be able to track and monitor the progress of DNA tests. There are some procedural changes outlined below;

  • Genetic samples need to be accompanied by a completed Murray Grey Genetic Testing Application form (Click Here to download)
  • Genetic samples MUST be in the supplied Testing Kit
  • Genetic samples MUST be sent to the MGBCS Office not Neogen
  • Invoicing will occur at the time of lodgement, invoice terms are 30 days
  • As of the 1st of October 2018, the MGBCS will only accept and honour results which have been requested using the Murray Grey Genetic Testing Application form and sent to the MGBCS office

Many members have experienced delays with their testing or have not received completed Parent Verification results due to the samples on file not being compatible. The new DNA system and the lodgement going through the MGBCS office will reduce these issues.

After much discussion and consultation, we believe this new system will provide a better service to members. If members have any questions or concerns regarding the new system we encourage you to contact the office or a Board Member.


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