Wallawong Sale Report 2018

July 16, 2018

Bulls reached a high of $18,000 and females topped at $5000 at the 21st Anniversary Wallawong Carcase Quality Sale at “Marriot Park”, Gunnedah, on July 12.

Fifteen of the 19 Murray Grey bulls offered by the James family sold for an average of $6077 and twenty females averaged $2975.

Diane Whale of Glenliam Farm Murray Greys, Glen William, bought the top bull, paying $18,000 for Wallawong Magic Man M47, a 24-month-old son of Lindsay Fusion F94 and Wallawong Emerald F68. The bull weighed 910 kilograms, had an eye muscle area (EMA) of 127 square centimetres, intramuscular fat of 7.6 per cent and rump and rib fat of 18 millimetres and 16mm. He had a scrotal size of 43cm and had estimated breeding values (EBVs) of +31, +49, and +78 for 200-, 400- and 600-day weight.

Mrs Whale said Glenliam will use the bull in the stud and commercial herd, along with marketing semen.

​“We were looking for the right balance between conformation and carcase quality and to have his EMA, fats and marbling combined is very rare.” Mrs Whale said

Three bulls made $7000, Lot 1 Wallawong Masterclass M22 and Lot 6 Wallawong Master & Commander selling to new clients in Western Australia and repeat client Warren Gunter taking Lot 9 Wallawong Mercury M45 back to Baradine.

In the females, Lot 21 Wallawong Gale K116 a three and a half year old cow by $10,000 Wallawong Winchester with silver bull calf at foot by Wallawong Masterclass reached the top price, selling for $5000 to Guy Burnett, Wagga Wagga. Mr Burnett also paid the second top price of $4750 for unjoined heifer Wallawong T.T. N35, a Wallawong Ripsnorter daughter from the T.T family line. Overall Burnett Pastoral Trust bought five females in the sale to average $3400.

Among the volume buyers of females were Alwyn Peffer, Brisbane who purchased 5 females and Russell Kidd, Mareeba, who took home three females.

Stud principal Lachlan James said buyers were looking for bulls with good muscling and fat coverage to meet Meat Standards Australia requirements.

“A lot of our clients are focusing on producing heavy supermarket cattle that are efficient, finish off grass, and have high yields,” Mr James said.

“This is the best group of cattle that we have put up, fitting of our 21st Anniversary Sale”. Mr James added.

Stud co-principal Kate James said it was pleasing to see so much interest in the sale, given the state’s current drought conditions.

“We have had interest come from people right across Australia, bulls and females went to Queensland, Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria which is good,” Mrs James said.

“It’s even more pleasing to see that interest come considering the current drought conditions we and so many others are facing.”

The sale was settled by Ray White Fleming and Ross, Gunnedah, with auctioneer Paul Dooley, Tamworth, taking the bids.

Wallawong Premium Beef co-principals Kate James, Lachlan James with Dianne Whale, Glenliam Farm Murray Greys in front of Lot 2, Wallawong Magic Man M47 who sold for $18,000













Top selling unjoined heifer Wallawong T.T. N35 who sold to Burnett Pastoral Trust for $4750