March 1, 2019

Thursday 28th Feb 2019 at Woodbourn, 390 Saundridge Rd, Cressy

 A very successful field day was held at Woodbourn, Cressy, Tasmania on the 28th February, organised by the Tasmanian Murray Grey Group.

Eighty cattle breeders of Murray Greys and many other breeds, attended the field day and were keenly interested in the what the speakers had to tell them.

The speakers were:

Rob Wilson  Senior Agronomist, Roberts Ltd

  •             His subject; Managing Pastures for Maximum Production

Aiden Larke Technical Sales Specialist,Animal Innovations

  •             His subject; Ruminant Nutrition, managing stock in a pasture based system, weaning management, pre-calving

Dr Corey Hogarth  TP Jones head agronomist

  •             His subject; Nitrogen in Pastures

Daryl Heazelwood Greenhams Tas and Platinum Angus principal

  •             His subject; Structural and carcase assessment of stock


This is becoming the go to Field Day to learn about pasture production and utilisation, animal nutrition and cattle selection.