Paradise Beef excels in carcase comp

October 16, 2019

Courtesy Farm Weekly

A MURRAY Grey cross carcase exhibited by the Dimasi family, Paradise Beef, Donnybrook, excelled on the hook in this year’s Perth Royal Show Beef Carcase Competition.

The quality steer, which was believed to be a Murray Grey-Charolais, was awarded the grand champion carcase title when it finished on the highest allocation of 86.7 points.

The 16-month-old youngster was sashed champion heavyweight carcase and reserve heavyweight steer on the hoof under the attentive eye of judge Andrew Raff, Raff Angus stud, King Island, Tasmania.

The steer weighed 512 kilograms liveweight and dressed at 59.9 per cent, with a hot carcase weight (HSCW) of 306.5kg.

It also recorded a 111cm2 for EMA, 10mm for rib and P8 fat, 340 for MSA marbling and MSA index of 56.57.

It scored perfect marks for rib fat and P8 fat and 34.57 out of 48 for eating quality and returned $2900 at auction when it was purchased by Harvey Beef.

The steer was originally purchased at the saleyards by Johnson Meats managing director Terry Russell and while managing Terry’s property, Paradise Beef owner Gary Dimasi selected the grand champion animal out of a yarding of 250 steers.

“I liked his attributes and informed Terry I had found a quality steer which we were going to prepare for the show,” Mr Dimasi said.

“I pulled him out in March and began backgrounding him on Grow Safe pastures for the next four to five months before feeding him for 110 days on our own mixed grain ration.”

Paradise Beef also received accolades in the extra heavyweight carcase section when its 592kg Speckle Park steer was awarded the reserve champion ribbon.

A dressing percentage of 57.7 equated to a HSCW of 324kg, while the carcase also recorded 94cm2 for EMA, 15mm for P8 fat, 10mm for rib fat, 460 for MSA marbling, 58 for MSA index and 36 points for eating quality, resulting in a combined score of 79.55 points in total.

It’s the fourth consecutive year Paradise Beef has entered cattle in both on and off the hook competitions and although they have taken home numerous reserve champion carcase awards, this was the first time they had won a champion and grand champion title.

Mr Dimasi said the results would not happen without the effort of his employees.

“It is a team effort, with the feeding, halter breaking and preparation of the cattle done in their own time,” he said.

“It a great reward for everyone involved, as it wraps up our lotfed season.”

The reserve grand champion carcase, exhibited by Murdoch University, finished on 85.63 points.

The Limousin-Angus, which was bred by Lance and Jenni Ford, Balcormo Pastoral Company, Waroona, was purchased through S & C Livestock in February.

It made $1951 at auction and had a liveweight of 432kg and dressed at 60.6pc to give a HSCW of 261.8kg.

It recorded a 101cm2 for EMA, 10mm for P8 fat and 7mm for rib fat, 290 for MSA marbling, an MSA index of 58.72 plus 36.72 points for eating quality.

The carcase was also sashed the reserve champion heavyweight carcase of the show.

Murdoch University’s success in the fierce competition continued when it exhibited the champion extra heavyweight carcase and champion mediumweight carcase which finished on 80.23 and 85.18 respectively.

The extra heavyweight steer was a Gelbvieh which was bred by Alan and Sue Kelly, Braeside Gelbvieh stud, Manjimup and was presented with the reserve champion extra heavyweight ribbon on the hoof.

It weighed 598kg liveweight, dressed out at 65.8pc to give a HSCW of 393.4kg, while recording a 115cm2 EMA, 8mm P8 fat, 7mm rib fat, 250 MSA marbling and an MSA index of 58.49 and scored 36.49 points for eating quality.

The champion mediumweight carcase was a Limousin-Angus steer bred by Murdoch and was sired by Runl Stetson, out of a Murdoch Angus cow.

It weighed in at 432kg liveweight, dressed at 60.6pc to give a HSCW of 261.8kg.

It did not place anywhere on the hoof, however it recorded a 93cm2 for EMA, scored 8mm for P8 fat, 6mm for rib fat, 310 for MSA marbling, 57.98 for MSA index and 35.98 points for eating quality.

Murdoch University also exhibited the reserve champion lightweight carcase which came from a 399kg liveweight Belgian Blue-Murray Grey heifer.

The quality female finished on 82.85 points and was bred by Murdoch.

It dressed at 59.8pc to give a 238.6kg HSCW and recorded an 89cm2 EMA, 10mm P8 fat, 8mm rib fat, 310 for MSA marbling, 58.3 for MSA index and scored 36.3 points for eating quality.

All nine entries from Murdoch University were hand-raised and prepared by 38 veterinary and animal science students and staff at each of the three farms run by the university at South Street, Mundijong and Mardella.

Murdoch University livestock manager Kim Thomas said all stock were on feed for 100 days.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s competition and I look forward to next year,” he said.

A Gelbvieh-Murray Grey steer from the WA College of Agriculture, Denmark, was sashed champion lightweight carcase when it scored 83.54 points.

The steer had a liveweight of 354kg and dressed at 63.3pc to give a HSCW of 224kg.

It recorded an 81cm2 EMA, 10mm P8 fat, 6mm rib fat, 300 for MSA marbling, 59.4 for MSA index and 37.4 points out of 48 for eating quality.

Celebrating the Dimasi family’s, Paradise Beef, Donnybrook, win in exhibiting the grand champion and champion heavyweight carcase were Johnson Meats managing director Terry Russell (left) and sponsor John Mitchell, Mitchell’s Transport, Waroona.