SBTS & TBTS Regional Forums

January 18, 2019


In 2019, SBTS & TBTS will be offering a two day Regional Forum at 14 locations around Australia. Day one will cover BREEDPLAN fundamentals, while day two covers how to get the most out of BREEDPLAN via DNA technologies.

The SBTS & TBTS Regional Forums have been designed to be interactive, with discussion sessions occurring throughout the day. This allows for producers to learn from each other and share their own experiences on how to best utilise BREEDPLAN in their business.

Day one has been designed for cattle breeders that are new to BREEDPLAN or who wish to refresh their BREEDPLAN knowledge. The day will cover the role of genetics in beef breeding and outline the BREEDPLAN process (including data collection and submission). Attendees will also learn how to get the most from BREEDPLAN and how to interpret BREEDPLAN reports for their herd.

Day two has been designed for beef producers that wish to gain a deeper understanding of the applications of DNA technology for beef breeding, and will assume attendees have a good knowledge of the topics covered on day one. The day will cover parentage verification, genetic conditions and the use of DNA information in BREEDPLAN analyses. BREEDPLAN herds will also be provided with a genetic progress report, which will allow them to benchmark their current genetic position and identify whether they have made genetic progress for each trait in recent years.

For Further Information Please Contact: Catriona Millen SBTS Technical Officer (02) 6773 3357 0409 102 644