Ayr Park 2021 Sale Results

January 6, 2022


Lot 1. $6,500 & Lot 9. $5,000 to Max & Sue Hazelton Albion Park NSW, repeat buyer

Lot 2. $5,000 & Lot 11. $5,000 to Tim Dwyer Young NSW, repeat buyer

Lot 3. $5,000 & Lot 8. $4,500 to L&J Paisley Tucki Tucki NSW, new

Lot 4. $5,000 to Colombo Pastoral Braidwood NSW repeat buyer Lot 5. $5,000 to Mansfield VIC, repeat buyer

Lot 7. $5,000 to N&J Mann Bathurst NSW, repeat buyer

Lot 12. $5,000 to Bennett Canowindra NSW new

Lot 13. $5,000 & Lot 16. to R&J Martin Bungendore NSW repeat buyer

Lot 14. $5,000 to Wagga Wagga NSW, new


*Lots 24,25,26 $3,500 each to D.Weidenbach VIC

*Lot 27 $3,500 to H.Sutherland Koorawatha NSW

*Lot 28 $3,500 to G.Burnett Marrar NSW

*Lot 29 & 33 $3,500 to W.McDonald Grafton NSW

*Lot 30 $3,500 to R.Hage SA

*Lot 31 $3,500 to R.Hoare Binda NSW

Ayr Park and Auctions Plus would like to apologise to everyone who registered to bid online at our sale and were unable to place their bids. We had 35 registered bidders on Auctions Plus and 11 registered at the sale as NSW was in complete lockdown at the time. Our agents should have stopped the sale when it went down but didn’t and Auctions Plus should have notified the agents something was wrong. Something that will have to be addressed next sale so it doesn’t happen again. It was don for all the female lots and we were told by agent John Atkins, it went down three times, he was trying to bid for his clients. As soon as the sale finished the phones ran hot with people wanting certain lots and the agents sold all the ones that passed in for the floor price which hurt us immensely.

The CEO of Auctions Plus, Angus Street has apologised and waived our fee of $2,800 and said that it was one in a million chance of happening. It has hurt us greatly but we do accept that these things happen in technology. We will be taking steps so it doesn’t happen again and making sure our agents are not caught out again and stop the sale.

Once again we apologise.

Ian and Narelle.

* against were the ones affected by Auctions Plus going down.