Murray Grey Cattle Show in Brazil

November 9, 2022

Between August 27th and September 4th, Expointer 2022 took place in the city of Esteio in Rio Grande do Sul. The biggest national event with the participation of Murray Grey cattle.

It is the second participation of ABMGG – Brazilian Association of Murray Grey and Greyman, which this time had the participation of 21 animals from 3 different breeders.

For the president of ABMGG and pioneer of Murray Grey in Brazil Luiz Carlos Ardenghy Sobrinho, the expressive increase in interest in Murray Grey genetics was a reason to celebrate “I am proud of the work started almost 10 years ago, more and more cattle ranchers from all over the country want the quality that we brought to Brazil. It is a challenge to start a new breed and that’s why we form a true family to achieve this growth of ABMGG.”

According to the judge of the event Carlos Daniel SenciĆ³n Arellano from Uruguay “Murray Grey is the cattle of the future in Brazil and around the world, its silver coat is the perfect adaptation to the current climate.”

The expectation is that with this event there will be another advance in the growth of the Murray Grey breed and its various crosses in the country.

For the communication and marketing director of ABMGG Roger Augusto “the international network is essential for the dissemination and expansion of Murray Grey, soon we will have business opportunities with the commercialization of the best Murray Grey genetics around the world.”