Murray Grey Steer Success Story by Ben Spry

December 12, 2022

The Steer in question was bred by Sentry Box Murray Greys (Bundarra,NSW).

A September 2021 drop calf.

Sire: Carlinga Louisville Slugger L108

Dam: Glenliam Farm Juggernaut daughter

We selected and prepared him for The Glen Innes Potential Show Steer Sale 2022, run by Colin Say & Co. He then proceeded to place 5th in the judging, had the 5th highest gross ($4,077.50), and had the 3rd highest $/kg ($17.50/kg). He was purchased by Calrossy Anglican School in Tamworth.

The Calrossy School team, who did a simply amazing job with this steer, brought him back to Glen Innes for the Colin Say & Co. Beef Extravaganza. The Beef extravaganza is becoming one of the richest Show steer/heifer competitions with over $30,000 in prizes and incentives.


Then the fun began as the steer began to shine in both the Led and Carcass classes.

Here is a wrap of how he did.

Led Results:

Colin Say & Co. Shootout (specialist class for entries purchased at the Potential show steer sale) 4th

Junior Led Steer Class 11 (421-480kg) 1st

Reserve Champion Junior Led Steer

Carcass Results:

Junior Led Steer Class 11a (421-480kg) 1st

Champion Junior Steer Carcass

Champion School Carcass

Combined Results (Hoof and Hook):

Colin Say & Co. Incentive (Specialist class for entries purchased at the Potential show steer sale):

Junior winner

Top of the Range Incentives: 

Winner of the Highest scoring Murray Grey Sired steer/heifer

Winner of the highest scoring TOTR sired Murray Grey steer/heifer


An amazing steer and an amazing result. We couldn’t be happier as breeders.