FROM THE 2023 ANNUAL – Double Muscling in Murray Greys

August 15, 2023

Double Muscling in Murray Greys

written by Rod Hoare MVSc and Helena Warren Dip.Ag., “Cadfor”, Binda, NSW.

You cannot manage what you do not measure

The condition of double muscling (DM) in cattle is really misnamed because there are no more than the normal number of muscles, but they are enlarged or hypertrophied.  (The more correct term is muscular hypertrophy.)

DM is a genetic condition caused by a mutation of the myostatin gene.  Myostatin in animals controls or limits the size of the muscles.  A defect in the myostatin gene allows the muscle fibers to increase in size and number.  Animals with a myostatin variant gene have decreased fat and bone content and therefore have an increased dressing percentage at slaughter.

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