Introducing Victorian Board Representative – Jackie Laughlin

August 16, 2023

The early years of Jackie’s life were spent on the family dairy farm. From an early age, Jackie was immersed in the rhythms of agricultural life, learning caring for animals. These formative years instilled in Jackie a profound appreciation for the land and a deep understanding of the intricate balance required to thrive in the world of farming.

Leaving the familiar embrace of the farm, Jackie embarked on a journey of exploration and learning. After completing secondary school, Jackie delved into the world of Business Commerce, laying the foundation for a versatile skill set. This was followed by a foray into the medical field, where Jackie honed her ability to provide compassionate care to those in need. An unexpected detour led them into the realm of International Hotel Management, where hospitality and customer service was paramount. The path then led to an international computer company, where Jackie assumed the role of National Administration and Fleet Manager, managing complex operations.

It was the synergy of Jackie’s varied experiences that would eventually lead them back to her agricultural roots. Sponsored by the computer company, Jackie pursued further education in Sales and Marketing, enriching her skill set with strategic acumen. The call of the land became irresistible, and Jackie returned to the world of agriculture with newfound vigor. Building on her original dairy farm experience, Jackie ventured into raising calves, further broadening her agricultural expertise.

The birth of two children marked a pivotal chapter in Jackie’s journey. Fuelled by a desire to provide a legacy for the next generation, Jackie embarked on a new educational pursuit, enrolling at Melbourne University to study Applied Science in Agriculture and Farm Management. Armed with cutting-edge knowledge, Jackie established her own Farm Consulting business, offering invaluable insights to fellow farmers seeking to optimize her operations. This period also witnessed the start of a Murray Grey cattle stud, showcasing Jackie’s dedication to breeding excellence and promoting superior livestock.

As the years unfolded, Jackie’s impact rippled far beyond her own endeavors. Alongside her agricultural pursuits, Jackie became a beacon of knowledge, sharing her knowledge as an educator in Agriculture and Horticulture. Her passion for learning and willingness to pass on her insights earned them the admiration and respect of countless students.

Recently, Jackie took a momentous step by re-registering her Murray Grey cattle stud, marking a return to her roots and a rekindled dedication to the agricultural community. Jackie now is running a program for Ladies in Livestock teaching farming skills to women. Now looking forward to more involvement in the broader agricultural society, where her wealth of experience, innovative mindset, and unyielding commitment promise to contribute significantly to the growth and evolution of the field.