About Murray Grey cattle

Benefits of Breeding with Murray Grey Cattle Australia

Murray Greys are renown as an easy doing versatile breed that can thrive in any environment. Beef producers are choosing to use Murray Greys in their production systems for these reasons and many more.

Calving ease

Murray Greys are renowned for their ease of calving.

Coat colour

Light coated Murray Greys are more suited to hot environments, where studies have shown that under hot climatic conditions, dark coated animals absorb more heat than light coated animals and it alters the metabolic heat production of the animal. Consequently dark coated animals showed more seasonal differences in growth performance compared to light coated animals.


Murray Greys are quiet, easily handled cattle. They readily adapt to new environments and settle well.

Market acceptance

Murray Greys are readily accepted by all areas of the market and carry a sound and well deserved reputation as producers of quality beef.

Growth rate – feed conversion

Murray Greys are efficient producers of quality beef both from feedlots and pasture.

Dressing and yield

Abattoirs, butchers and carcase competition results all point towards Murray Greys having exceptional dressing percentages and even more remarkable yields of sale-able beef.


While many breeds have extreme difficulty finishing within certain weight ranges, especially in adverse seasonal conditions, Murray Greys can be brought to prime level at any range.

Meat quality

Murray Greys are proven for marbling and tenderness where they are leaders in producing high quality beef.


Murray Greys are an Australian breed bred for Australian conditions. Murray Greys thrive in any environment and have the ability to finish well on grain or grass.

Mothering ability

Murray Greys make great mothers and their ability to produce milk is second to none.


History of the Breed

Australia’s beef cattle breed, the Murray Grey, originated in the upper Murray Valley on the New South Wales/Victorian border. From humble beginnings the breed has become a major force in the domestic and international beef industry. The breed has spread from Thologolong throughout Australia and to New Zealand, Asia, North America and Europe. Murray Greys...

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Crossbreeding has long been on the horizons of many a cattle producer due to the advantages of heterosis or hybrid vigour, whereby the progeny of the crossbred parents offer superiority in performance.  Murray Greys are used Australia-wide in crossbreeding programs over European, Bos Indicus and other British breeds of cattle. Murray Grey cattle worldwide are...

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Developed in Queensland in the 1970s, specifically to suit the Queensland environment, the Greyman breed was the result of combining the outstanding genetic characteristics of both the Murray Grey and Brahman breeds. Originally this breed was recorded within its own Society, however the original Greyman Society and its Herdbook were absorbed into the Murray Grey...

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Greyman Recording

Animals eligible to be recorded in the Greyman Register must have only Murray Grey and Brahman blood with a minimum of 25% and a maximum of 75% blood of either breed.Where the sire and/or dam of a calf to be recorded in the Greyman register is a Brahman: The sire must be tested free of...

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Greyman Benefits

The combination of Murray Greys, which are famous for their calving ease, docility, fertility and carcase qualities, along with their light coloured coats and Brahmans, that are without doubt the most successful tropical breed, renown for their environmental adaptability and efficiency and their parasite and disease resistance, has proved to be a very viable success....

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