Crossbreeding with Murray Grey cattle

Crossbreeding has long been on the horizons of many a cattle producer due to the advantages of heterosis or hybrid vigour, whereby the progeny of the crossbred parents offer superiority in performance.  Murray Greys are used Australia-wide in crossbreeding programs over European, Bos Indicus and other British breeds of cattle.

Murray Grey cattle worldwide are increasingly chosen to be used in crossbreeding programs because they:

  • Reduce calving problems
  • Improve temperament
  • Assist fertility
  • Widen the range of marketing options
  • Reduce turn off age for Northern producers
  • Adaptability
  • Increase yield
  • Improve meat quality
  • Improve milking ability

By choosing to use a Murray Grey bull Australia you will be investing in the future of your beef production system.

The Murray Grey Society also provide listings of bull semen Australia for sale.