Australia Murray Grey Society Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join the Australia Murray Grey Society?

It’s easy! There are a number of options for membership for you to consider.

What laboratory does the Murray Grey Society use for their DNA testing?

The Murray Grey Society uses Neogen Australia for all DNA testing. Hair and Tissue Sampling Units can be purchased directly from the society and are returned to the Murray Grey office with the DNA application form which can be found here.

What’s the go with MiP and SNP?

MiP (Micro-satellite) testing has been phased out over the past few years to make way for SNP testing. Animals who have a MiP test on file can have it upgraded to SNP by making a request through the society. As long as the sample stored is sufficient enough for a SNP test to be performed then it can be ungraded. SNP allows for more genetic markers to be compared and is more accurate overall. Technology has also shifted more towards SNP testing, another reason for the phasing out of MiP.

What genetic evaluation system does the Murray Grey Society use?

Murray Grey GROUP BREEDPLAN is the genetic evaluation system currently adopted by the Murray Grey Society. It uses the most advanced genetic evaluation system to produce Estimated Breeding Values of recorded cattle for a range of important production traits.

Do you have information on bulls for sale in Australia?

The Murray Grey Cattle Society offers comprehensive information and listings on Murray Grey bulls as well as the Greyman crossbreed. Check out our sales catalogue tab for upcoming sales!

Can I list my cattle for sale on your website?

Absolutely! For a small fee your cattle for sale details can be accessed by all our members and the general public.


ILROnline Support for Members

ILROnline can be difficult to navigate for first time users and can updating animals, registering calves and conducting general activity can be nerve racking.

For help, there is a button found at the top right hand side of the page. Here you can find information and step by step guides on how to complete tasks.

For more assistance, follow the link below to view YouTube videos created by ABRI, designed to help you understand and complete basic tasks.

 YouTube Help