Membership of the Murray Grey Society Australia

Membership of the MGBCS is open to people or organisations that are breeding and or interested in Murray Grey or Greyman Cattle.

A selection of Membership categories is available, from Full and Commercial, to a range of options for Youth and Schools or Colleges. International and overseas membership is also available to people living overseas.

Members receive all MGBCS publications, including the Annual Magazine and Sire Summary/Members Directory. Members can take part in Breed Promotion Group Activities in local areas such as Field Days and Information Days. Members have access to a number of services including online facilities that are a valuable avenue for reading and researching, as well as publicity and promotion.

Being a member of the MGBCS allows members to receive information sent out by both the MGBCS and other members, including Sale Catalogues and MGBCS updates. Additionally a Youth Program is active throughout the nation.

Membership of the MGBCS runs from 1 January through to 31 December.

The Society provides extensive listings of Murray Grey cattle Australia for sale, as well as Murray Grey cattle Australia wanted.

Increase your opportunities, with membership of the Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society Ltd.

The MGBCS provides a large number of services for its members, with a number of different membership categories available, all designed to suit the needs of the member. The MGBCS supports members and their clients who are progressive, performance oriented cattle breeders.

The MGBCS is constantly researching, collecting data, analysing information and forming alliances with the aim of delivering the most efficient service to members.

Today’s breeders face exacting specifications for the market they are targeting. The MGBCS is formulating alliances and trading information to ease the pressure, acknowledging that brand marketing is the way of the future. Services are aimed towards developing information systems and networks, underpinned by Quality Assurance.

All breeds are measured by the performance of their commercial cattle. The challenge is to breed cattle with the genetic potential to satisfy the criteria for the market.

The MGBCS is moving with the times by maintaining pedigree and performance recording of cattle in a number of independent registers:

  • Purebred Register (PB)
  • Grading Register (GR)
  • Black Factor Register (BF)
  • Greyman Register (GM)
  • Commercial Register (CM)
  • Composite Register (C)

It is possible to satisfy market criteria using the information available in these Herdbooks and the Murray Grey GROUP BREEDPLAN Genetic Evaluation Report.

By becoming a member of the MGBCS you have access to a range of facilities and services that are all designed to meet the needs of the current cattle producer. For more information on membership of the MGBCS visit the Members Section by clicking here. –>




Annual Magazine

If you would like a physical copy please email with your request, name, phone and address. We are always looking for new members so if you’re interesting in joining or would just like some more information, please do not hesitate to email the above address or phone 02 6773 2022. Please find below the...

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Member Details

  Membership of the MGBCS is open to people or organisations that are breeding and or interested in Murray Grey or Greyman Cattle. All prices include GST. Membership Forms (includes female inventory on the first 10 females) For people or organisations breeding pedigree Murray Grey or Greyman cattle that are able to be recorded in...

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Breed Promotion Groups

Are you a new Murray Grey Breeder or an existing Murray Grey breeder who would like to get to know fellow Murray Grey Enthusiasts in your area? Murray Grey Breed Promotion Groups (BPG) are a great way to get to know people in your area that are either breeding or are interested in Murray Grey...

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Member Forms

To download a form simply select from the menu below and click on the name of the form you wish to download. If you have any questions please contact us. Please be patient with these files as they download – some are large and may take some time, depending on your connection speed. Membership Application Forms...

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Members’ Websites

Murray Grey BCS members can have their website listed and linked here for free. To have your website included, contact us for details on how to submit your logo, website address and contact details.  

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Murray Grey Merchandise

A range of merchandise is currently on offer from the MGBCS. All prices include GST and standard Australia Post costs apply.  Not all sizes are kept in stock, therefore please allow ample time to receive delivery. To order,Merchandise Order Form or contact us.

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