Australia Murray Grey sales results

Results Monterey Winter Bull Sale

May 26, 2017

A great result at yesterday’s Monterey Winter Bull Sale. 59 bulls offered, 55 sold to average $6336.

Pictured is top priced bull Lot 40 (MG) Monterey Lifeguard L143 sold to a large Tasmanian commercial outfit for $12,000.

Second top priced bull at $10,500, was Lot 44 (MG) selling to Lindberg Farms, an 8000 acre commercial enterprise in the Karridale area.

Third top price was Lot 1 Monterey Lethal Weapon L20 (Angus) selling to GRM Telini, Dardanup, for $10,000.

Gary and Julie would like to thank all buyers, underbidders and all those who attended the sale.

National Show & Sale Report

May 12, 2017

Murray Greys to $10,500

By Bridie Edwards
The Land

The 51st annual Murray Grey National Show & Sale, held at Wodonga Exhibition Centre, showed strong interest from repeat buyers across Australia.

Twenty-five of the 27 females offered were sold resulting in a 93 per cent clearance rate. They reached a top of $10,500 and averaged $3,688.

The top-priced heifer, fresh from South Australia, was Eylwarra Sands Annabelle M13 from Eylwarra Sands Murray Greys, Lucindale.

Sired by Eylwarra Sands Falcon and out of Eylwarra Sands Annabelle F71, the 13 month old heifer went to Double A Murray Grey Cattle Co, Annika Whale, Clarence Town.

“We really liked the sire she is by and we believe she is a good package” Ms Whale said. “She is very quiet natured, there really was not much wrong with her”.

Eylwarra Sands Annabelle M13 topped well above the second highest female sale price, which was paid for cow and calf duo, Arki Fire Fly H19 and silver bull calf at foot, Arki Magnificent M97.

They sold for $6500 to south coast buyer Stephen Robertson “Benooka Park” Bega.

The second highest priced heifer had previously won reserve unled female earlier that day behind Onward Myrtle M2 who took home champion unled female.

Murray Grey National Show judge, Tania Guaran, Gippsland, said the cow and calf unit were the most complete package on offer.

“She has a great look with a long stretch and a great little silver calf at foot”, Ms Guaran said.

Tullibardine Margarite M15 was donated to the Murray Grey Youth program by the Murray family of Tullibardine Murray Greys, Western Australia.

The one year old heifer won reserve champion led female earlier that day and was bought by Glenliam Farm, Dungog, for the third highest price of $6000, the heifer was sired by Eylwarra Sands Falcon F33 out of Tullibardine Margarite G2.

“She is a brilliant heifer with a lot of potential, structurally sound and well presented”, Ms Guaran said.

Of the 18 bulls offered 15 sold, resulting in a 83% clearance rate to an average of $5750 and top of $8250.

All genetic lots were passed through, this included two lots of semen and one lot of A-grade embryos.


Snowy tops the bulls at $8250

By Bridie Edwards
The Land

The top priced bull, Windmill Snowy, sold by Snowy Mountain Murray Greys, Adelong, was sired by Shellgardi Barrington.

The two year old bull made $8250, selling to Geoff Buick, “Arki”, South Australia.

Equal second highest price of $7000 was paid for Glenliam Farm Lithium L12, offered by Glenliam Farm Dungog and bought by Richardson Pastoral Co, Gresford and matching Glenliam with a $7500 price tag was Errowanbang Lincoln sold by Errowanbang Murray Greys, Carcoar, purchased by Edward Bowen, Grahamstown.

Glenliam Farm Lithium, a well muscled young sire by Glenliam Farm Hercules H27, was the Glenliam Farm top-of-the-drop bull in 2012.

Errowanbang Lincoln, the young bull out of Michaelong Boadicea G50 by Errowanbang Hattrick, was acknowledged for this potential as a sire.


Onward Longreach takes supreme exhibit

By Bridie Edwards
The Land

The Murray Grey National Show saw Onward Lingreach take home supreme exhibit after coming up against Eylwarra Sands Annabelle M13.

Onward Longreach owned by Sue Francis from Onward Murray Greys, Dorrigo, took home champion led bull before being sashed supreme. The 20 month old bull weighed 768 kilograms.

Onward Longreach was in front of reserve champion Glenliam Farm, Dungog, a 740kg, 20 month old silver bull sired by Onward Meatloaf.

Judge, Tania Guaran, Gippsland, said the talent at this year’s show was exciting for the Murray Grey breed.

I could not go past the bull for supreme exhibit, he is typical of what we are looking for in the Murray Grey industry”, Ms Guaran said.

Champion led female went to Eylwarra Sands Annabelle M13 owned by Eylwarra Sands Murray Greys  SA, in front of reserve led champion which went to Tullibardine Margarite M15 owned by Tullibardine Murray Greys, WA. Annabelle M13 then went on to top the sale at $10500.

Onward Myrtle M2, a young heifer by Onward Toto J34 from Onward Murray Greys, Dorrigo, won champion unled female and Arki Fire Fly H19 , owned by Geoff Buick, SA, took home reserve.

Champion unled bull went to Waroona France L31 who later went on to be sold for $5000 to The Glen Pastoral Co, Walwa, VIC. Reserve Champion went to Glenliam Farm Lithium L12 who later made $7500 in the sale.

Tasmanian Murray Grey genetics in demand

May 11, 2017

Courtesy The Weekly Times

INTERSTATE buyers headed to Tasmania to secure Murray Grey genetics this week.

At Woodbourn Murray Greys, Cressy, Victorian producers the Boyd family, of Green Hills Murray Greys, Minhamite, bought the top-price bull at $13,500.

Ayr Park Murray Grey stud, at Woodstock in NSW, also bid at the top of the catalogue, paying $10,000 for a new sire.

All up, 29 bulls were sold during the auction averaging $6917.

Woodbourn principal Charles Wallace said the average was “fantastic” and it showed the breed was going forward.

The stud also offered 46 ­females, including a line of 10 stud females with calves and most pregnancy tested in calf, averaging $5889.

The top-priced female was Woodbourn Evita H99, which was sold with a heifer calf and was bought by Brian Claridge, from Claridge Farming at Caveside, Tas.

Carrsview Murray Greys, from Woodside in South Australia, bought the second- highest priced mature female, Woodbourn Barbara H18, for $6000.

Joined heifers were also in demand, and the 20 sold made an average price of $2450.

NSW buyers also picked up the highest priced lots at the Island State Murray Grey sale at Powranna on Monday.

Top price at the sale was $9000, for a Wiltshire Murray Grey bull, Wynyard, bought by Brian Benson from Dubbo, in NSW.

The Elbern stud at Stanley sold a cow and calf package to Elizabeth Fields Murray Greys, at Yass in NSW, for $5000.

At Woodbourn Murray Greys, Cressy, Victorian producers the Boyd family, of Green Hills Murray Greys, Minhamite, bought the top-price bull at $13,500, lot 21 Woodbourn Lionel L101

Monterey females sell to $7400

April 19, 2017

Female cattle prices reached a top-price of $7400 at the Monterey Ladies’ Day Female Sale last week at Karridale.

Monterey principals Gary and Julie Buller decided to reduce the size of their female stud herd after a lease expiry of a neighbouring 243ha property.

The sale topper, Monterey Miss Kuri H182, a five-year-old Murray Grey cow with heifer calf at foot, was sold to repeat buyers Dean Rasmussen and Marilyn Hansen, of Shell-Dee Murray Grey stud, Kingaroy, Queensland.

Mr Rasmussen said the cow had excellent correctness while Ms Hansen said she planned on showing the calf, Miss Kuri M250.

The cow was sired by Monterey Escalator E204 and out of Monterey Miss Kuri F65 and recorded Estimated Breeding Values of +30, +52 and +70 for 200, 400 and 600-day weights, top 5 to 10 per cent for the breed.

Mr Buller said Miss Kuri was sired by Monterey Hamersley H204 (top of its drop) and its dam, Miss Kuri H182, was pregnancy-tested-in-calf to Monterey Fleetwood F309. Shell-Dee also paid $3800 for Monterey Lolita F139 with a heifer calf at foot.

Later in the catalogue during the offering of 34 Murray Grey cows (some PTIC) David Corker, of Bullco Genetics, Boyup Brook, paid $6800 for Monterey Miss Opal, a six-year-old Murray Grey cow with a five-day-old bull calf at foot.

The cow was sired by Monterey Whirlwind and out of Monterey Miss Opal C277, while the calf was sired by Monterey Hudson H296.

Mr Corker said he would add the cow into his Wundam Park Murray Grey stud herd and had high hopes for the bull calf.

He also paid $3400 for another cow/calf unit.

The Wise family, of Southend Murray Grey stud paid $4600 for Monterey Melissa F268, a seven-year-old PTIC Murray Grey cow with a heifer calf at foot.

Southend also secured two PTIC Murray Grey cows for $6000 and $3400 and three PTIC Murray Grey matrons (11-year-old cows) for an average price of $3067.

Also very active at the sale on Murray Greys, Phil Tomlinson, of Albany, secured three PTIC cow/calf units to a top-price of $4200 and average price of $3867, five PTIC cows to a top-price of $5200 twice and average price of $4680.

Landmark agent Michael Lynch, who assisted, said Mr Tomlinson was in the process of registering a Murray Grey stud. In the Angus catalogue, Julie and Terry Earle, of Roesner Nominees, Harvey, secured the $6200 top-priced cow, Monterey Stella, a seven-year-old with a bull calf-at-foot.

The cow was sired by Lawsons Gar Direction X3 A423 and out of Monterey Stella A66.

Mr Buller said the cow has plenty of length, frame, width and volume and the bull calf was sired by Koojan Hills Unlimited F237.

The Earles, who were assisted by Rob Italiano, bought another Angus cow/calf unit for $4000 and also secured 9 PTIC commercial cows for an average price of $3967.

Account NHA & RL Stoney, of Redmond, paid $5600 for an Angus cow/calf unit.

Countryman Invitational Bull Sale Results

March 6, 2017

By Bob Garnant
Excerpt courtesy The West Australian

The annual event, conducted by Elders, Landmark and Primaries, offered 49 bulls in total.

Lindsay Bagshaw, of Young Guns Murray Grey stud, Hyden, offered a team of 16 bulls, with 12 selling to a stud record top price of $9500.

The upstanding 902kg Young Guns Lusty L49 sold to repeat buyer Gavin Auld, of Merredin, who runs a pure Murray Grey herd.

Mr Bagshaw said Lusty had colossal volume, great length and was very sound and structurally correct, and would breed true to type like its sire, YG Grand Slam.

“Lusty’s dam (YG Primrose U7) has been very successful in the stud,” he said.

Seven buyers were bidding on the Murray Grey catalogue, with three new buyers securing bulls, including account P and A Alvaro, of Merredin, which paid $5750 for YG Las Vegas L45.

Another $5750 equal second top-priced bull, YG Leroy L22, was bought by repeat buyer BW James and Sons, of Hyden, who secured a total of five Young Guns bulls for an average of $4550.

Account FS and KM James, of Hyden, bought two bulls for $5000 each. Mr Bagshaw said he recently inspected Frank James’ commercial herd. “The progeny going back to Young Guns bulls all looked very productive and even,” he said.