Australia Murray Grey sales results

Lindsay’s consistent sale defies big dry

March 3, 2020

By Marian Macdonald
Courtesy Stock & Land

*24 of 26 bulls sold to $14,000, av $5538; 6 of 7 stud heifers sold to $7000, av $3220

CRAIG and Jacinta Grant, Pigeon Ponds, were relieved by the good clearance rate at their Lindsay Murray Greys annual bull sale.

“I think this sale was probably a little bit more consistent,” Mr Grant said.

“Our average was back a little on last years but I was worried this year that we might not get the bulls out there because of the way the female herd is in the country at the moment.

“We’ve been impacted by droughts selling Murray Greys because, traditionally, we send some up into NSW and some of the drier areas of South Australia and I was concerned that we might not do that this year.

“That probably didn’t happen but our spread of potential purchasers was still really good.

“We’ve sold bulls from just this side of Adelaide to the other side of Colac.”

The volume buyer was Sam and Susie Whitehead, Edenhope, who purchased four bulls for their commercial operation.

Mr Grant said most of his bulls would be used over pure-bred Murray Grey commercial cows in large herds.

The top-priced Lot 13 sired by Cadfor Myogenic went to repeat buyers, the Cavanagh Partnership, Tintinara, SA, for $14,000.

Second-top bull, Lot 7, was sold for $10,500 to GreenHills, Minhamite, and Lot 1 went to Phoines Pastoral, Casterton, for $9000.

Six of seven stud heifers sold, averaging $3220 with a top price of $7000.

A pen of four unjoined 18-month-old heifers averaged $1750, while 14 pregnancy-tested in-calf rising two-and-a-half-year-olds averaged $2550.

Mr Grant said he and Jacinta aimed for balanced cattle.

“Our focus is not to have our cattle really extreme in any area but really balanced,” he said.

“For example, we want good calving ease but we want good top end growth as well.

“We try to buy future sires that have high-ranking balanced data but also their physical appearance and their phenotype is really important to us as well.

“We do all the traits for BreedPlan that are available in Murray Greys.”

Mr Grant said buyers could make up their own minds about the merit of the breed but chose Murray Greys years ago because of their versatility.

“They’re great converters of grass, they finish easily in a range of environments,” he said.

“They’re great all round cattle, their temperament’s fantastic, they’re a terrific maternal breed as well as having a reputation for a great carcase breed.”

“I don’t care what colour their skin is, you’ve got to make them as suitable as possible to what the market requires and just breed really good cattle.”

Results – Melaleuca Murray Grey Sale

February 27, 2020

14/15 bulls sold to $7500 twice (Lot 82. Melaleuca Patriot P62 PICTURED & Lot 84. Melaleuca Pegasus P79) Average $5518.

Results – Tullibardine Murray Grey Sale

February 20, 2020

Tullibardine Murray Grey and Angus Stud Bull Sale, WA – 8/9 Murray Grey bulls sold to $8500 (Lot 32. Tullibardine Preston) & av. $5250.

Results – Monterey Annual Production Sale

February 13, 2020

Bulls – 30/36 Sold. Top $8500 lot 28 Monterey Plato P22. Average $5141
Females – 7/30 Sold. Top $2750 lot 107 Monterey Miss Magnolia H64. Average $1642

Results – Southend Murray Grey Sale 2020

February 13, 2020

20/40 bulls sold to $7000 twice (Lot 2. Southend Precision (pic) & Lot 13. Southend P276) & av. $4716.
2019 result: 29/33 bulls sold av. $5336.