Successful farm day for North Eastern Murray Grey Breed Promotion Group


The newly formed North Eastern Murray Grey Breed Promotion Group held another successful farm day. Liam Cardile from BeefXcel, Holbrook explained to the group how progressive breeders are using independent structural assessment and ultra sound technologies along with Breedplan to improve the quality their herds.

Liam is a breed accredited structural assessor and scanner. The structural assessment includes temperament, feet claw set and foot angle and legs, muscle score, sheath/udder attachment and teat placement. The participants also learned how, with the use of ultrasound, carcass data can be collected on rib and rump fat, eye muscle area and intra muscular fat (marbling).

“As a commercial producer, to see the rigour that some breeders are putting into selecting their bulls is amazing. By using this assessment you can get a good picture of the bull, from both inside and out. It has certainly opened my eyes,” Chris Van Den Burg of Mundoona.

“Seeing the young breeders use the new technology and how they use the Breedplan numbers makes me wish I was 20 years younger. I’ve even had one fellow look up the Breedplan data on his computer in the paddock when he purchased a bull,” Keith McRae of Dajory Murray Greys, Shepparton.

“As a breeder it was great to see the people, getting a better understanding of the benefits of Breedplan, scanning and assessment how these tools can help in the selection of an animal. This all benefits the bull buyer – just selecting a bull out of the paddock or saleyards without data is will cost more than you think save,” Brett Davidson of Mount Major Murray Greys.

The group has a focus on fun, education and assisting youth in agriculture. It is open to all producers with current members, including commercial cattlemen and members of other breeds. Greg Ferrier from the DPI will be the guest speaker at the next meeting on 4th March and will give a presentation on interpreting Breedplan figures. If you are interested in coming along please contact Ryan McRae (President) 0438 704 476.